Home improvements on a budget

Moving home is an expensive time, and during the first few months you may not have the cash to splash on new décor or furniture. Frustrating as this can be, there are some quick DIY fixes you can undertake to help you put your own stamp on your new place, without breaking the bank.

  • If your kitchen cupboards are looking a bit tired, then try giving them a lick of paint. You’ll be amazed how this can transform the room.
  • To add a splash of colour or detail to a room, think about creating a feature wall. It’s a bold way for you to add your own sense of style, whilst requiring less budget for paint and wallpaper.
  • Changing the door handles can be a great way to add a bit of character to your new home. Choose something eye-catching or distinctive for that really personal touch.
  • If you feel like your current furniture is letting your new place down, then why not try upcycling? Adding a new coat of varnish or paint to an unloved piece of furniture is an easy way to give it a new lease of life.
  • If post-move clutter is your problem, then try making a feature of your storage with pretty boxes or second-hand crates. Not only will you free up some space, they’ll look great too.
  • If your current furniture really won’t cut it, then try bagging a bargain at your local charity shop or recycling centre. Here you can often find quality items that have simply become surplus to someone’s requirements. Also find out if your new area has an online selling page for second-hand items. This can be a great resource for now and in the future.