Moving Tips & Advice

Congratulations on your move!
Moving home is an exciting time, but with so much to organise as you get set up, things might feel a bit overwhelming right now.

To help you stay motivated, we’ve created this Home Move Club resource area where you can find tips and advice on all aspects of your home move – from who to notify about your new address, to tips on making home improvements on a budget.

Your moving checklist

Once you have the keys to your new home, it would be lovely to think you could just sit back, relax and enjoy your new surroundings, but unfortunately there are still a few important tasks that need to be completed!…

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Unpacking with a plan

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your new home probably won’t be perfect straight away either. But sticking to a plan and prioritising the most important rooms can make the task ahead seem a lot more manageable.

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Making your house a home

So, the boxes are in and the main rooms are up and running, but it doesn’t quite feel like home… Don’t panic!  It’s normal to feel a little disorientated in the first few days or weeks after moving in. Luckily…

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Securing your new home

As you settle into your new home, there are some important security checks you can make to ensure that everything is secure. Change the locks. You don’t know who may have a spare key, so it’s best to be safe…

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Home improvements on a budget

Moving home is an expensive time, and during the first few months you may not have the cash to splash on new décor or furniture. Frustrating as this can be, there are some quick DIY fixes you can undertake to…

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5 ways to meet your new neighbours

Being the newbie on the street or in the apartment block can feel a bit daunting, and it may be tempting to retreat into the comfort of your new home! But taking the time to say hello and introduce yourself…

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Optimising your outdoor space

As well as feeling at home inside your new place, it’s also important to feel at one with your new outdoor surroundings. If your new property has a garden or some outside space, why not take a bit of time…

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Recycling & reusing

Once the unpacking is complete, you’re likely to find yourself knee-deep in empty cardboard boxes. Most of these will be fully recyclable, so a few trips to the local recycling centre should help you to clear the bulk of it.…

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