Your moving checklist

Once you have the keys to your new home, it would be lovely to think you could just sit back, relax and enjoy your new surroundings, but unfortunately there are still a few important tasks that need to be completed!

To give you a helping hand, here’s a quick checklist to help you focus on the most important jobs.

Day one

  • Confirm everything has arrived. Look t­hrough your boxes and furniture to make sure nothing has gone missing or was damaged during the move.
  • Ensure that all pre-agreed items are there. Check that all items that were included in the sale or rental are there, such as carpets, curtains and any white goods. If there’s anything missing, contact your solicitor or agent.
  • Check your utilities. Make sure that your phone, water, electricity and gas are all working.
  • Read your utility meters. Using your camera phone is a good way to record them.
  • Test the smoke alarms. Make sure these are all working, and if there aren’t an adequate number, install your own.

Week one

  • Change your locks. You don’t know who may have been given a spare set of keys to your new home, so make sure it’s secure by changing the locks on all external doors.
  • Switch your utilities. Don’t stay with the previous owner’s utility suppliers for any longer than you have to. If you didn’t switch before your move, then go online to find the best deal for you. Using price comparison websites can be a quick and easy way to do this.
  • Update your driving licence. Contact the DVLA to update your licence and car registration with your new address. This can be done online at
  • Notify everyone of your change of address. Take a look here to see who to contact.
  • Meet the neighbours. If they haven’t popped their heads in yet, why not nip round and say a quick hello. Meeting your new neighbours is a quick way to feel settled and part of the local community.

You've moved! Who to tell...

There are a number of organisations you’ll need to notify of your new address within the first few weeks.  Here’s a quick run-down:

  • Bank, building society and any loan companies
  • Credit card and store card companies
  • HMRC and Inland Revenue
  • Local council (for council tax and to re-register to vote)
  • DVLA
  • TV licensing
  • Telephone/internet service providers
  • All utility providers
  • Your employer
  • Schools
  • Leisure providers, e.g. gym, library, sports clubs