Securing your new home

As you settle into your new home, there are some important security checks you can make to ensure that everything is secure.

  • Change the locks. You don’t know who may have a spare key, so it’s best to be safe and call a locksmith
  • Check your windows for any broken hinges or locks and get them repaired if necessary
  • If your home has a security system, check that it’s working and change the security code
  • Outside lighting can be a big deterrent to any potential intruder, so if your new home doesn’t have any, install some yourself
  • If you have a garage, then check that the latches and locks are in good working order. This is where many intruders gain access
  • Fit strong padlocks to sheds and any outbuildings and make sure that the doors are solid
  • Check for any gaps or damage to gates and fencing that could create easy access to your property
  • And finally, avoid hiding spare keys underneath the door mat or plant pots. Intruders know all the usual places!