Optimising your outdoor space

As well as feeling at home inside your new place, it’s also important to feel at one with your new outdoor surroundings. If your new property has a garden or some outside space, why not take a bit of time to spruce it up and make it your own. Here are a few quick fixes that could take minimal effort for maximum impact!

Pot some plants.

Introducing pots of flowers or herbs to your patio, balcony or terrace is a quick and satisfying way to add colour and personality to the space. If you don’t have time for planting, look out for pre-potted plants in your local garden centre.

Get rid of the grime.

If your new patio or paving could do with a re-fresh, then try tackling the grime with a pressure washer. It’s a guaranteed way to lift the dirt and brighten up the stonework – as well as your garden.

Add a bit of sparkle.

Adding lighting to a garden or outside space is a clever, and often inexpensive way, to boost the outdoor ambience. For smaller spaces a string of fairy lights can work well, or for bigger gardens consider solar powered path lights – many of which can be spiked quickly and easily into the ground.

Consider some climbers.

If your new garden fence or walls are looking a bit bare, consider adding trellis panels and planting some climbers. This can work wonders for breaking up the view of a long fence or wall and instantly adds some interest to your garden.

Don’t forget the detail.

It’s not only the indoors that can benefit from a little accessorising, your outside space could also be transformed with a few feature pieces. Candle holders, cushions, lanterns or even a new garden ornament can all give an outside space a more homely feel.