Making your house a home

So, the boxes are in and the main rooms are up and running, but it doesn’t quite feel like home… Don’t panic!  It’s normal to feel a little disorientated in the first few days or weeks after moving in. Luckily there’s plenty you can do to make yourself feel more at home:

Give it a good clean.

Although your new home may have been professionally cleaned before you arrived, giving the surfaces a quick wipe and running the hoover over the carpets will give you peace of mind and get you off to a positive, fresh start.

Light up the lamps.

Overhead lighting can be harsh and the best way to show up any marks and scuffs that you didn’t spot before! Soften the mood by plugging in a few low-level lamps.

Hang up your photos.

Once you’ve decided where they should go, having photos of family or friends around the place is a great way to create that familiar, comforting feel.

Pick a few plants.

Displaying a few plants or vases of cut flowers in your main living areas is perfect for adding a fresh, homely feel to the place.

Chill out with some candles.

Lighting a few fragranced candles will not only create a calmer atmosphere, but the smell will also make the home feel more like your own.

Get ready for guests.

Once things have settled down, invite some friends over. Showing off your new place will give you a sense of pride, and there’s nothing like filling a house with love and laughter to make it feel like home!