Recycling & reusing

Once the unpacking is complete, you’re likely to find yourself knee-deep in empty cardboard boxes. Most of these will be fully recyclable, so a few trips to the local recycling centre should help you to clear the bulk of it. But before you clear the decks entirely, why not consider holding onto a few – an empty box can be more useful than you think…

5 ways to reuse your moving boxes:

  • If you’re in need of some new lounge furniture, then a box can make a great side table, coffee table or even TV stand whilst you shop around.
  • Kids getting bored of the unpacking? Then why not keep them busy by turning a box into a castle. Simply turn the box inside out and get decorating.
  • Create a playhouse for smaller pets by cutting small door-shaped holes in the side of a box. For larger cats or dogs, they can make a great bed. Just line the bottom with soft blankets and pillows and they’ll be snuggled up in no time.
  • You’ve probably built up a lot of documentation relating to your move by now, so why not cover your boxes with decorative paper or fabric and store your documents inside.
  • Charity box. As you unpack, you’re bound to come across some items you wish you’d offloaded before the move. Why not pack these up in one of your boxes and take them to your local charity shop.